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Crankskins tip of the day...Let's talk about mils!

Posted by Edward Rosipayla on



  What is a mil?... 

   Clear Crankskins bicycle protection products are currently available in 4 different materials:  
4 mil clear, 8 mil clear, 8 mil MATTE clear and 12 mil clear.
What does all of this mean??????
  Vinyl is measured in mils, not mm's.  A mil (and that is the correct spelling!) is 1/1000 of an inch. So, our 8 mil Crankskins are 8/1000 inches thick (8/1000 of an inch = 0.008 inches = 0.2 millimeters).
  8 mil Crankskins are great for most riders!  Mountain, road, cross...wherever your bike takes you!  While our 8 mil is tough enough to give you great protection for your frame and crank it is also soft and pliable-- making it easy to apply!  8 mil is available in clear and MATTE clear.  Clear is shiny, MATTE is not shiny.  MATTE is perfect for carbon and Matte finish frames...and, now you can make those shiny crank arms match your Matte frame!!
  4 mil is our thinnest vinyl!  4 mil is light weight and perfect for all of you "weight weenies" out there!  Like our 8 mil, 4 mil is soft and pliable making it easy to apply!  Light weight protection at it's very best!
  And then there is 12 mil!  For those of you who live on the edge and enjoy taking your precious ride to the extremes...12 mil is for you!  If you have a habit of finding yourself in rock gardens and downed limbs and branches you should consider 12 mil!  12 mil is thick and more difficult to apply.  12 mil requires heat (a hair dryer is perfect) and patience to apply.
   So, there it is!  8 mil works great for most riders.  8 mil is available in Clear and MATTE Clear.  4 mil is thinner and light weight perfect for "weight weenies"!  12 mil is thick!!  We suggest you use heat when applying all Crankskins.  And, always apply Crankskins to a clean surface.  Good tunes, a good beverage and patience make installation a breeze!
   Our Kits are available in all four vinyls.  Crankskins crank arm protection is available in 8 mil Clear and 8 mil MATTE.  Our Eco Skins (3/4 length universal Crankskins that do not require pedal removal to apply) are available in all four vinyls.
Thank you!... Now GO RIDE!!!!

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