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Why do I need Crankskins?....

Posted by cheryl rosipayla on



You know you're going to do it...You are going to ride down the sand and gravel encrusted shoulder of the road.  You are going to hit brush and small trees as you motor past other riders.  You are even going to ride through tall grass and fly over downed logs.  And, yes You are going to get shoe rub too. You are going to take the bike you paid more for than your very first car and you are going to ride it...But that's o.k.... Because Crankskins bicycle protection products have you covered!   


   Crankskins are not just for protecting your Crank... 
Crankskins can protect your entire bike! 


   From Crank arms to complete bike frames, we've got you covered!   Crankskins are made of die-cut vinyl and have a high bond adhesive they stay put...right where you need protection.   Simply follow our installation tips and watch our installation videos...and then, Go Ride!  


Crankskins...Like a little insurance policy for your bike!

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