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Crankskins Mini with Wear Indicator Technology

It's not a full Crankskin... it's not a 3/4 Crankskin Eco Skin...
It's a  Crankskin Mini!
 For years, Crankskins team members and product testers have been tracking crank arm damage.  In response to their findings...
 Crankskins has developed the Crankskins Mini with Wear Indicator Technology.

 The Crankskins Mini is a 3.25 inch Mini Crankskin with a Crankskins Wear Indicator. When the Crankskins Color begins to wear away, the first layer of protective vinyl has been compromised...And it is time apply a new Crankskin Mini!

  The Crankskins Mini can also be applied over Full Crankskins--  not only giving you the best protection possible, but also giving you the security of the wear indicator!