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Crankskins MINI Clear with Wear Indicator LOGO

  • $ 899
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because life happens...

 New for 2016, Crankskins introduces the Crankskins Mini! 

             It's not a full Crankskin... it's not a 3/4 Crankskin Eco Skin...

It's a  Crankskin Mini!

 For years, Crankskins team members and product testers have been tracking crank arm damage.  In response to their findings...

 Crankskins has developed the Crankskins Mini with Wear Indicator Technology.

 The Crankskins Mini is a 3.25 inch Mini Crankskin with a Crankskins Logo Wear Indicator. When the Crankskins Logo begins to wear away, the first layer of protective vinyl has been compromised...And it is time apply a new Crankskin Mini!

  The Crankskins Mini can also be applied over Full Crankskins--  not only giving you the best protection possible, but also giving you the security of the wear indicator!           

****You will receive 2 pair of Mini Crankskins****

** The Crankskins Mini is also available in clear without a wear indicator logo.  They will cost you more...because we actually pay our customers back for advertising our brand for us!..Isn't that how it should be???...

 Crankskins Mini with wear indicator.
Protects Crank Arm from shoe rub, scratches and scrapes .
Wear Indicator shows when to replace.
Protects the manufacturer logos you paid so much for!

Easy, NO pedal removal required for application.

 Protect your investment!  Great for carbon!

 *We recommend that you use HEAT (blow dryer) to apply this product.
 This will make it much easier to apply around curves and will remove fold lines from packaging and shipping.



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