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Crankskins are not just for protecting your Crank...Crankskins can protect your entire bike!

Choose the type of Downtube and Frame Protection YOU need!
   Downtube and Frame Protection Kits are available in 4mil, 8mil, 12mil and Matte.
4mil:   4mil offers super light weight protection for our "Weight Weenies" weight conscious   riders! Very easy to work with!
8mil:   8mil is great for all riders! Not too heavy, not too light! Great protection, easy to work with!
12mil:  12mil is very thick. Intense, heavy duty protection.  Heat required for installation.
Matte:  8mil protection with a Matte finish. Like our 8mil clear, great for all riders but with a Matte finish. No shine here! Perfect for Carbon and Anodized frames. Great protection and easy to work with!