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   Riding makes you feel good...I mean really good!  Talk about physical and mental therapy... riding does it all!  It's simply amazing to me how I can be having a not so great  day and a ride makes the whole world feel like a better place to be.  Whether I need to clear my head, make big plans, think about stuff going on around me or something mundane like decide what to make for dinner, riding seems to make it all better.  I have come up with more decisions (some of them major) while riding than anywhere else in my life! 
  So, this makes me very happy to tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of Crankskins.  Crankskins isn't just about protecting your bike...Crankskins represents a way of life.  Simple things that can make you so happy...simple game changers!  Biking is simple.  You can do it just about anywhere, any time!  Crankskins are simple...we make them, you put them on!  Crankskins protect your investment & keep your stuff looking great.  Whether you plan on trading up and want your bike to stay looking the best it can  or you just enjoy taking care of your stuff and having it look great, Crankskins makes it easy!  

   Crankskins  were first developed over 16 years ago by owner EJ Rosipayla.  At the time, EJ was an avid rider who owned a sign and graphics company.  Frustrated that his new crank arms and frame were getting banged-up from riding EJ started to mess around with what he had on hand...sign vinyl.  It was at this time that EJ realized that his sign vinyl protected his bike, and looked far better than electrical tape!    After years of intense work and product and material testing was born!
    Today, Crankskins are made of precision cut, high bond vinyl that not only looks great but also protects beyond expectations!  Crankskins are no longer just for crank arms...  Crankskins now protect entire bikes!   As new vinyl products become available EJ and the Crankskins team continue to develop new products. New finishes, new colors and new textures are among the many new innovative properties being used to create new Crankskins products.   Crankskins, where innovation never stops ! 
   Crankskins is a grass-roots company created and maintained by riders.
Crankskins, Wrapping the world one bike at a time... Come join us!